Short horror stories

Dare Gone Wrong

Mohamed Ali was always up for a good dare. He was a bit of a thrill-seeker, and his coworkers knew it. So, when they challenged him to play a game of one-man hide and seek in an abandoned phone factory on the outskirts of Algiers, he didn't hesitate. "You can't be serious," Mohamed said, trying… Continue reading Dare Gone Wrong

Equipment Reviews

Digital Voice Recorder Review

The Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder is a highly useful tool for paranormal investigators and enthusiasts of the one man hide and seek game. The compact and lightweight design, combined with the built-in USB and stereo recording capabilities, make it an ideal device for capturing audio evidence during investigations. In terms of recording quality,… Continue reading Digital Voice Recorder Review

Short horror stories

The Haunting Truth

The streets of Mexico City had nothing on Sophia Garcia, a fearless journalist born and raised there. When she heard the rumors about a haunted house in the suburbs that was connected to several disappearances, a sense of obligation came over her to investigate. Someone had to do something. Despite her reservations, she felt compelled… Continue reading The Haunting Truth

Ritual What If

Ritual What If – Bloody Mary

Combining the "One-Man Hide and Seek" Game with the "Bloody Mary" Ritual: A Dangerous Mix When two seemingly harmless games are combined, the results can be deadly. This is the case with the combination of the "One-Man Hide and Seek" game and the "Bloody Mary" ritual. This article will explore what would happen if someone… Continue reading Ritual What If – Bloody Mary

Top 10 Haunted Spots

Top 10 Haunted Spots in South Korea

Playing "one-man hide and seek" in a haunted location takes the game to a whole new level of terror. In South Korea, there are numerous haunted places with rich histories and eerie stories, making them the perfect backdrop for this chilling game. However, it's important to note that playing in these locations can have serious… Continue reading Top 10 Haunted Spots in South Korea

Ritual Challenge

Ritual Challenge – Chant In Japanese

The "One-Man Hide and Seek" is a game that has gained popularity across the world, and Japan is no exception. The game, known as "hitori kakurenbo" in Japanese, involves one player hiding while the other seeks. But what would happen if you played this game in Japan, where ghosts and spirits are believed to be… Continue reading Ritual Challenge – Chant In Japanese